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We are the Ghana immigration service (GIS) under the Ministry of the interior of the Republic of Ghana.


Delivering excellence in immigration management for national development.


Our purpose is to build a stronger and better Ghana by operating fair but firm Immigration controls that regulate and facilitate the movement of people through Ghana’s borders; and efficient, effective residence and work permit systems that meet the social and economic needs of the country. .


• Examination and authorization of application for visas, entry and residence permits.
• Control of foreign nationals in Ghana, their employment and movement
• Processing of Ghanaian passport application
• Border control and management
• Refugee registration, protection and management
• Facilitation of the implementation of Citizenship Act Act 591 of 2000



• Regulating the movement of people into and out of the country
• Regulating and monitoring the activities of foreigners in Ghana
• Enforcing and ensuring immigration permits to foreigners
• Issuing requisite immigration permits to foreigners
• Arresting and prosecuting breaches of Immigration laws
• Removing illegal immigrant from Ghana
• Facilitating the processing of Ghanaian passport applications
• Facilitating the processing of Ghanaian passport application
• Facilitating the implementation of Dual Citizenship Act 591 of 2000
• Co-operating with other security agencies for the benefit of national security
• Patrolling the country borders
• Facilitating trade and tourism






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