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West Africa Provides The Strongest Example of Intraregional Migration  


Migrant Ship

The Project Officer for International Centre for Migration Project Development, (ICMPD) Lamine Daffe, has said that West Africa provides the strongest example of intraregional migration flow in sub-Saharan Africa, with 70 per cent of migratory movement is within the sub-region.

This south-south migration according to him is seven times greater than the flows from West African countries to other parts of the world, including Europe.

This he said is because migration has been an important human phenomenon which in several countries represent a vital livelihood and adaptation strategy in response to a wide variety of events.

Mr. Daffe disclosed this at a five day workshop to validate the evaluation report of the 2011- 2015 strategic plan in Accra.  
He stressed that the workshop would give GIS the opportunity to strengthen its capacity on critical topics such as planning, resource mobilization, reporting, monitoring and evaluating the Services activities in line with its mission.  This he believes would support its performance as a whole for the benefit of the citizenry and other nationals. 
On her part, the Project Manager for Ghana Integrated Migration ManagementApproach (GIMMA) under the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Kazumi Nakamura, said GIS is one of the most important actors in the implementation of the National Migration Policy, not only in mitigating negative impacts of migration, but also maximizing the development benefits.
It is therefore timely and important that the GIS strategic plan is comprehensively being evaluated so that the lessons and findings would be fully incorporated into the drafting of the new plan, she added.
It would be recalled that the GIS in 2010 developed a strategic plan to guide the activities of the Service for a four year period, 2011-2015. The objective of the plan was to manage migration in the national interest, combat irregular migration and promote national security.
Towards the expiration of the plan, the GIS approached the Demand Facility of the Support for Free Movement of Person and Migration in West Africa (FMM West Africa) Project for support in evaluating the performance of 2011-2015 strategic plan and the drafting of a new five-year plan.
Following the approval of the DDF Technical Committee in November, 2015, DDF experts carried out an evaluation of the Plan together with the GIS, and subsequently conducted a needs assessment of the GIS to determine the current priorities of the service for the next Strategic Plan. a five day workshop was therefore organized  for the presentation and validation of the evaluation and assessment report.

Expectation of the workshop
It is expected that participants at the end of the workshop would  understand and acquire new skills related to strategic planning and action plan development based on international best practice and increase awareness among participants on the linkage between migration policy and better migration management.
It is expected to equip participants with the skills and technical capacity to review and contribute to the development and adaptation of the new GIS Strategic Plan.
The workshop was jointly funded by the European Union and the ECOWAS Commission, and implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the International Organization for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

About sixty (60) participants made up of border management experts from ECOWAS, ICMPD, IOM, key GIS Management members, GIS Technical Working Group, Regional and Sector Commanders, the Commandant of the GIS Academy and the Commanding Officer of the Training School as well as the Regional Staff Officers attended the workshop.




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