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Prospective travelers must note that the possession of the appropriate documents does not confer a right of entry. Travelers may be refused entry into Ghana if they fall within the category of prohibited immigrants and if they do not satisfy Immigration requirements at the point of entry. The Service will not be financially liable for their repatriation. The carrier, master or agent of the aircraft, vessel, and vehicle will be wholly or severally responsible for his immediate removal from Ghana and carrier liability will be extracted where applicable.



Ghana entry visa is an authority or permit issued to foreigners who wish or desire to enter into, or transit through Ghana’s territory.
The basic objectives of Ghana’s Entry visa policy are:

• To facilitate the entry of genuine travelers while managing the associated risks; and

• To contribute to building strong international links, promoting tourism, investment, and addressing skills shortages

According to the applicant’s identity, purpose of visit and type of passport, the Ghana entry visa falls into two main categories, namely diplomatic and ordinary visas.

                                               Diplomatic Visa

Diplomatic visas are issued to members of the diplomatic or consular services of a foreign country who are duly accredited to Ghana by the government of the country concerned i.e. Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Public Ministers, Career Diplomats or Consular Officers etc.

Officials of International Organizations who are entitled to diplomatic privileges by, or under the provisions of any enactment, such as the United Nations and its specialized Agencies, World Bank officials on official duty or assignment in Ghana.

Members of immediate families of these categories are also granted diplomatic visas – These are coded as A1, A2, A3, and are issued gratis.

                                                          Ordinary Visa

These are issued to several sub-categories of visitors on business, tourism or holidays, temporary employment, transit etc. etc. These are coded to determine the type or nature of visit.

The most common ones are:
B-1 – Business visa.
B-2 – Holiday/Tourist Visa
C-1; C-2 – Transit Visa
D – Crew Visa
F-1; F-2 – Student Visa
H-1 to H-4 – Temporary Workers Visa
Etc, etc, etc

                                  GENERAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

Please note that as with any nation, Ghana’s immigration laws may change without notice.

All foreigners seeking permission to enter Ghana require Ghana entry visa unless otherwise exempted. The visa should be endorsed on valid passport or travel documents issued by competent national or international authorities and recognised by the Government of Ghana.

a) Ghana entry visas are obtainable from any Ghana Embassy, High Commission or Consulate abroad. Where Ghana has no Consular or Diplomatic representation entry visa may be issued on arrival, if the Director of Immigration has prior notification from travelers or their sponsors or hosts. This visa also referred to as an emergency visa is valid for fourteen (14) days within which period the prospective traveler should have embarked on the journey.


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